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nourish your mind, body & soul

      In yoga they say "just do your practice and everything else will fall into place." I have found that to be so very true. When I was 18yrs old, I was first introduced to yoga as the fountain of youth. In my young mind, I reasoned that we all have to grow old, so might as well do it gracefully. I've been a practitioner of yoga ever since and have found that it is what grounds me, helps me to reflect, as well as be intentional and grateful on a daily basis. By integrating these practices into my regular routine, my priorities have become healthier and more aligned with what truly fulfills me. It also happens to make my body feel stronger and more vibrant. 


    The same can be said for freediving, because you are relying solely on the strength and abilities of your body to reach new depths. So it is important to be in optimal shape. Therefore, your priorities change. Nutrition, hydration, sleep, strength and flexibility become what's important to you, so that your body is prepared to meet your next freediving goal. You'll find that eating an anti inflammatory diet helps with equalization and less caffeine allows the heart rate to slow down more easily as the mammalian dive reflex kicks in. You come to realize that in order to explore your human potential and safely pursue your personal edge, you must be mindful and prepared. 

It is the intention of merlifehawaii to guide and support you in becoming the version

of yourself that you dream of and realize your full potential.


Women's Freedivng & Yoga Retreat Coming Summer 2024

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