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W H A T  P E O P L E   A R E  S A Y I N G


"The time I spent learning (freediving) from Heidi has been invaluable. She taught me so many lessons during her course, not just about diving, but about life as well. I never thought I would be capable of diving down to 20meters. She taught me the techniques I needed to make it possible. I always felt safe with her and would recommend her to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of ocean safety. Even if you are just snorkeling and have no intention of diving deep or doing long breath holds, the lessons you learn through her courses may one day help you save a life. ​I cannot wait to go diving with her again in the future!"  ~Tina Henline  Hilo, Hawaii

"Heidi is so much more than an incredible (yoga/fitness) teacher.  Her classes and teaching style are motivating and transformative. There are specific cues that she has spoken that have literally stuck with me for years. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, kind, and really knows how and when to push you to exceed your expectations and potential, in a safe and fun way. It’s obvious that her commitment to share her gifts with her students and clients is deeper than what you could experience with anyone else. What I love most about Heidi, is that in spite of her professionalism, you can’t help but want to be her friend too.  She’s a genuinely wonderful and multitalented human.  I hope everyone is fortunate enough to experience her magic!"~Kathryn Castleberry  Kohanaiki, Hawaii

“I took Heidi’s Level 1 course as a total beginner and it was a game changer.  Beyond learning the same fundamentals that elite divers use, I pushed to new depths, gained a ton of confidence in the water, learned some new equalization techniques, and made a couple of friends in the process. I highly recommend her class to all my friends visiting the island.” ~Jesse Suarez  Kailua Kona, Hawaii

"Heidi is one of the best (yoga/freedive) instructors I know! She is passionate about all things "merlife,“ such as freediving, yoga and much more. She embodies it all with professionalism and enthusiasm. She is a master at combining all the possibilities of wellness to help you live a healthy and happy life. She is an inspiration and a sweet, creative being with a very beautiful heart!" ~Olivia Ruesch  Zurich, Switzerland

"Heidi was my pathway to experience the benefits of yoga and my life changed for the better as a result.  I lost weight, toned up, and felt years younger. I started with her Restorative yoga class where she patiently and lovingly coached me into yoga poses, which at first were out of my comfort zone. Soon with Heidi's encouragement, I added Inferno Hot Pilates to my routine and a few months later Hot Vinyasa yoga. Along the way I was further challenged when I took her freediving class and on my 64th birthday, I found myself 20 meters under water on a single breath! Through all of these experiences, I have been the fortunate beneficiary of Heidi's skills as a yogi, a teacher and a mentor.  She somehow has a natural ability to provide the right balance between challenging me to be better and the encouragement to keep going when it gets hard.  Heidi is a blessing to all who have had the good fortune to benefit from her work." ~Hugh Baker  Keauhou, Hawaii

"Having the opportunity to take my Freediver Level 1 was a truly enriching experience, very much in part to having an outstanding instructor in Heidi. It was my experience that having someone so passionate, professional and with an eagerness to share their knowledge in order to help you reach your full potential, makes all the difference."  ~Jan Loots  Cape Town, South Africa


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