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get comfortable in the space between your breath

        A Level 1 Fii Freedive course will teach you the technique, physiology and safety of freediving, which will allow you to obtain greater depths and longer dives, more safely and easily. You will also learn about equalization technique, different breathing techniques, as well as proper freediving equipment. By the end of this 3 day course, you will have the opportunity to hold your breath up to 3 minutes, dive up to 66ft/20m and learn to be a dependable safety diver for anyone you get in the ocean with. 


Course Itinerary:

Day 1: 8am-12pm Classroom session to learn safety, physiology and physics of how the body responds to deep diving. After lunch break, 1pm-3pm Static safety followed by breath hold up to 3 min in a pool or calm shallow water up to 3ft.

Day 2: 8am-11am Confined water (up to 10ft-12ft deep). Apply dive technique and practice safety scenarios.

*use the rest of the day to practice water entry skills, dial in equipment to better suit your needs & rest. 

Day 3: 8am-1pm Open water session to put it all together and have a fun day building your deep diving up to 66ft/20m and practicing safety buddy skills. Lunch to follow dive session and final test.


**Equipment required: Full length 3mm neoprene wetsuit, rubber weight belt, 4-7lbs lead weight in small increments (*1lb or 2lb), mask, snorkel & freedive or snorkel fins (no bodyboarding or split fins).



Living in Kona allows Heidi to enjoy freediving as a lifestyle year-round, whether its extreme snorkeling off the coast, a boat or line diving at Honaunau Bay. Her training partners include some of the top freedivers in the country, as well as many other Fii Professionals. She is fortunate to have been trained by Fii founder and 13x world record holder, Martin Stepanek and Fii Level 3 Instructor and Instructor Trainer, Bobby Kim. 


Freediving Instructors International's focus on safety and proper technique is what drew Heidi to the agency and makes her proud to be a part of the Fii team. Her experience as a yoga instructor gives her a unique understanding of the body, which makes her a natural teacher of this meditative sport. She loves to teach freediving, in the hopes that it will inspire your life the way it has transformed hers. There's just something about freediving that instills a sense of confidence and peace of mind that wasn't there before. 


Available for private or group courses with the option to add a variety supplemental yoga classes.

**It is also possible to adjust the course itinerary to better suit your needs.

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